Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First Post of March, big plans and updates!

Haven´t written in a few weeks, but the truth is, I couldn´t think of anything to say. But here we are now, and I actually have quite a few things to update everyone on.

There are 6 more days of school left before Spring Break begins, but I only have 2 more! On Friday (Mar 22) I´m traveling to a pueblo, Sarria, where I will begin "El Camino de Santiago" It is a very famous pilgrimage in Galicia (the part of Spain right above Portugal, and just for a point of reference, I live right outside of Galicia). If you don´t know what it is, I reccomend looking it up. I can´t even properly describe my excitement in words, to be quite honest, I have been looking forward to this trip since my host mom first told me about it a few months ago. There will be 44 of us going (including 4 volunteers), so not only am I excited for this amazing cultural and spiritual trip, but I am also excited to see all the other AFSers that I haven´t seen for many months. It is going to be so fun, I can´t even control my excitement, despite the fact I will probably die of fatigue or something. Although it is probably one of the greatest expierences a person can do, it is also extremely difficult. We will doing about 15 miles a day, for four days, all the way to the famous Cathedral in Santiago (the end of the pilgramage). On the last day when we get to Santiago, we are free to explore the city until our particular bus leaves to take us back home to Ponferrada.

I get back on the Mar 28, then the next day, I´m going to the beach in a province of Spain called Castellón (picture where Barcelona is, and Castellón is about in the middle of the east coast of Spain, Medditerraean Sea) for a five days with my family. I am beyond excited to go, mostly for the sun and warm sea water. I´m like dying of cold over here (it´s almost April and there is still snow on the mountains...) so the beach is exactly what I need!!!!

And on top of all that, Ida (from Denmark, who lived in Ponferrada for a trimester), will be coming back for Spring break to visit her host family and us students in Ponferrada, so I am obviously really excited to see her again!

Basically I going to have one of the greatest Spring Breaks ever and it all begins in 2 days!!

I am all done with my exams, so that means I won´t be doing any more homework or studying this week. I have a ton of things to do before I leave on Friday, so at this point, it is actually useless to go to school.

I honestly can´t even guess what the majority of my grades are like I knew last trimester, but what I do know is I got an 5.6 in Econ, and I´m pretty sure my grade for the trimester is a 5. My grade for CMC (Sciences) is an 8!! English is a 10...

At the end of break, I´ll try to do two posts: one about break, then a short one about my grades and improvements and such (ya know, the boring stuff)...but who knows, I might do three and break up the Spring Break post into two, We´ll see..

I promise to take tons and tons of photos of all my adventures, too!!!!

I am still doing volleyball, practicing 2 times a week for about 2 hours or so. It is really fun, its not like drills or anything, we play games the whole time! We had our first game this past Saturday, we lost, but oh well, I still had fun, and I played really well, so I´m happy. I don´t have any pictures but I will try to get some from my next game.

So on Sunday I went on a run (I know, it´s hard for me to believe, too). On Monday I was saying how my legs hurt and one of my classmates, Laura, asked me why, so I told her how I went running. Then she told me that she wants to come with me the next time I go. We made plans to go today (Tuesday), so Laura, Sandra (another classmate), and I all went running..except we actually fast paced walked the entire thing (6.5 km), but we went for about 1.5 hours. I really enjoyed it, too! I really prefer being only with a few friends at a time because it is sooo much easier for me to practice speaking and actively particpate in the conversation instead of just listening to others talk. We all just talked the whole time, and walked in literally the middle of nowhere and through tiny pueblos. We also made plans to ride bikes to this pueblo/mountain place (with a few other friends from school) and spend the day there the last weekend of break. So basically, I went for a run, complained about it, and found new running buddies!