Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spain...three. months. away. So excited!

Hello! I am Shannon Williams and I live in Carmichael (which is basically Sacramento), California. I just finished my sophomore year of high school and I will be studying abroad in Spain for my junior year. I have been doing preparations for this year since beginning of freshman year and I am an so excited that the time has come to embark on this journey of a lifetime!

It was very hard to get my school to allow me to leave for a year, and when they finally agreed I felt accomplished something; I now had my school's support. I turned in my long and extensive application and on April 17th I got my acceptance email from AFS. It was one of the best days ever! But the day that was even superior was when I was contacted by my host family (unofficially, I might add) on May 31th. Normally, when people would ask me where I  was going I had to say "I don't know" but now I get no more confused looks because I can finally tell them where I will be!  My host family did not give me a lot of information because I think they assumed I had already received their host family profile. (Note, I still have not received it and I have been told by AFS it can take a few weeks, bummer) After a reply back to them, I found out I will be living in Ponferrada, Spain with mom (Lupe), dad (Luis), 13 year old sister (Emma), and 9 year old brother (Javier). Being the youngest of 4, having younger siblings has been a dream and now I have 2!! I could not be happier with my placement. The family, the school I will be attending, and the beautiful city; it is all too perfect.

This blog will serve as a way for mass communication to let people back home know how everything is in Spain.  While abroad I hope to update this weekly, but who knows! :)

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