Monday, April 15, 2013

trimester two

Overall this trimester was a huge step up from the first one. School is noticeably easier, although I noticed I didn´t try as hard, either.
My grades turned out really well, which actually shocked me because I got a bit lazy... I think because the language isnt really a problem and I have gotten used to the system of teaching and learning, those things compensated for my laziness.

Science for the Modern World 8: It´s a joke for me, and my teacher is such a cool guy. This class is pretty good.
*up from a 6

Economy 5: This class brings out all the tiredness in me. It is quite boring, but I´m getting through it becuase I need to pass
*down from a 6

P.E. 9: I changed my attitude for the better in this class, and I guess the class isn´t so bad anymore. It´s still kinda annoying, but I have to do it, so whatever.
*up from a 6

Math 5: at this point, this is the class I look the least forward to to going to because it is so hard. I thought I had good basic math skills, but obviously not.
*last trimester was a 4, but I took the recuperation test and I got a 6

English 10: Don´t really have´s English

Philosophy 1: I listen during class (most the time), but I choose not to do the tests, projects, or homework. It is prohibited by law to give a student a 0 if they come to class, thus, I have a 1
*down from a 3

Lengua 5: I was so close on this one, so close, and I pulled off a 5! The class of Lengua has two parts: the language part and the literature part. It is the stupid Lit that kills me. I study really hard, and I´m trekking through, though. I guess it helps that I really like my teacher and I have learned a lot from her class. She really knows her stuff, and although she is very tough on us, she is one of the best teachers I´ve ever had. She is really good (I mean like perfect) at explaining the things I do not understand to me, and she has been hopeful with me improving my Spanish grammar.
*last trimester was a 4, but I took the recuperation test and I got a 5

History 6: I was worried I wasn´t going to pass, actually! I don´t need to, but I really like history and learning it, so I study and try in this class. The first test I only got a 4, but the second test I was really confident about and I got a 7! Cool story, right before my teacher had handed me the test she was like "Shannon, what happened here?" I immediately thought I did terribly or something then she shows it to me and I see the 7. I actually freaked out, I´m serious. Then she tells me that my test was fantastic and that my writing was very well written and I explained things very well (this is like the Lengua exams where it is all written, no true/false, multiple choice, fill in blank, nothing like that). That was such a confidence booster for me, and I felt so proud of myself, especially since writing isn´t the easiest aspect of the language for me to execute.
*up from a 5

Technology, Information, and Communication (TIC) 9: How this even happened is beyond me considering my computer skills (or lack of), but I guess it is because I´ve passed the examss (fairly easy), I did all the assignments, and showed interest in learning these things. So that is dandy.
*up from 7*

I´ve been putting off putting writing the beach trip (like 2.5 weeks ago) post becuase I´m lazy. It really takes a lot to write (almost) every week, I´ll get to it though.

Hasta Luego!

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