Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Week of 3 Dec

I could lie and say I didn't have time to write my blog yesterday because of studying or some lame excuse, but to be completely honest, I decided to take a siesta instead. So, that is why the blog is late.

First, I'll start with my field trip to Leon to watch a Sherlock Holmes play in English. It was very fun, but to be completely honest, I have never heard English spoken so slowly before in my life. Obviously, it was to help the students to understand, but still... But then I thought that is probably the way Spaniards have to talk to me at times so I'm not complaining. The play was about an hour, and after we went to an archives place and got a tour. Everyone was pretty bored, but I was just focusing on understanding what the tour guide was saying. But I understood, so that was good! We had about 4 hours to just roam around the city and do whatever we wanted, which was odd for me to figure out at first. It was tons of fun though! My friends and I literally just walked around town, ate some food and went to the central commerical center. Since it was my first time in Leon, I´d call our adventure a sucess. I saw one of the most beautiful cathedrals I have ever seen, too. The architecture and detail was impeccable and stunning to look at. My English teacher told me that it is one of the most important gothic cathedrals in the world. 
Although I saw the play in English, I spoke tons of Spanish with my new friends I met that are in the grade below me. I´m not sure why but one of my favorite pats of the whole day was on the bus ride home and we were singing Christmas Carols (well actually, I was singing the majority of the time, but when they knew the words, everyone joined in). Everyone was just having a good time, it had snowed earlier for the first time this season, and who doesnt love Christmas Carols?!

I just thought the spelling error was funny..

the beautiful cathedral

This city of one the most beautiful I have ever seen!

Angie, Cristina, Me, Alicia, Love this picture and love them <3

This weekend Lani´s host family went out of town so she stayed the weekend with me! We had tons of fun, and I´m glad I finally got the chance to show her around Bembibre! We went to the Bembibre soccer (I honestly never plan on missing one, I love them so much), hung out with Sergio´s friends, later with Raquel´s friends, and on Sunday we had a photoshoot! It was such a fantastic weekend!! 
*We took close to 200 photos and I put my favorite one of the both of us, of me, and of Lani on here, and I put some of my favorites in general on my Facebook page.
Soccer game!

Genuine happiness is what you are looking at, two girls just loving their lives in Spain

This week I have a day off on Thursday. I feel like I always have days off...oh wait, I do. I´m definitely looking forward to the day off and sleeping! Well, I also have to study for Lengua and Economy...it should be a productive but recuperative day.

In other news, I got a 5,5 on my science test! And, that was in like the top 7 or so! 

That´s it for now!

Hasta Luego!

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