Monday, January 28, 2013

New Years and Los Reyes

Go Shannon for finally getting her act together and posting this post that happened almost a month ago...
I have working on this one for a while, but it just wasn´t happening. I have now finally finished it though! (it´s funny I have taken so long because this is a pretty short post)

For New Years Eve the family came over for dinner around 10, and the dinner was delicious as always. My host mom is an amazing cook. The Spanish tradition on NYE is eating grades at the strike of midnight. There is a 12 second countdown that they do on the TV and you have to eat and swallow one grape for every second that is counted down. This was explained to me a million times by everyone in the family, but I thought we were supposed to see how many grapes we could keep in our mouth without chewing them (like the chubby bunny marshmellow game). So at like the third grape, I had realized that  I was actually supposed to eat them. I obviously had some catching up to do. But I did it, and it is a lot harder than it sounds, too. Then we went out to the fiesta in Bembibre, which was fun! NYE in Spain in general is a big deal. Everyone goes out to the fiestas and gets really dressed up. I asked my British friend who has lived in Spain her whole life why it is such a big deal. She says it doesn´t have really any importance but the norm is to spend Christmas and Reyes with your family and it is more relaxed, but the NYE is the night you go all out with your friends.

Los Reyes Magos, or Three Kings day, is a holiday in Spain celebrated January 6 (I´m not sure if or where it might also be celebrated in the rest of the world). So we woke up and opened presents then drove over to my granparents´ house in Ponferrada to meet up with the family. We opened more presents then went to a café. Later, the five of us went to lunch, that lasted a solid 3 hours. We drove up to the snow, which was awesome! There actually wasn´t that much but enough to have fun and play around!

That is fog and the whole city of  Ponferrada is below it

How cute are we?!

We absolutely did not make that.

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