Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snowy days!

I woke up on Tuesday expecting a normal day, and normal is not what I got. At 7:15 Sergio comes bursting into my room and says its snowing outside. Now, we are surrounded by mountains and it does snow in this area, but it really takes a lot for the snow to reach Bembibre. So this wasnt´t very common. Anyways, all I am thinking is "get out, I´m sleeping, I have 15min left and I plan on using it" I finally get up to look outside my window and it is definitely snowing, but like a lot, more than I have ever seen in my life at one time. It was beautiful. So we walked to school, but only about 7 people showed up because if you live in a pueblo, then you can´t drive to school and the buses don´t go either. Basically the same thing happened on Wednesday but fewer people showed up and I walked to school while it was snowing, (can now cross that off my list of things to do in life). Both days I left school early (we weren´t doing anything, so it was a waste to be there) to play in the school with friends. Those two days are probably some of my favorite days in Spain.

I also want to quickly add that last week I took the math recuperation. This is how it works, if you fail the class, you take the recuperation and if you pass that then you pass the class. So yes, what I am saying is that in Spain they expect you to fail the class (I don´t understand either). Well, I passed with a 6!! On friday I had the Lengua recuperation and I got a 5.35! Out of the 10 or so people that took it in my class, I was one of two that passed. 

Now, Pictures! (there are a lot more on my Facebook page, too)

quality snowman

and right to the face...

One of the ugliest snowmen I have ever seen

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