Monday, February 18, 2013


I´m going to start off this week´s post with an embarrassingly lovely story. On Friday night I went to a discoteca with Carolin, and when you walked in they gave you a foam heart thing with a name on it. The point was to find the other counterpart of that couple (not that anyone actually did, though). I didn´t know who the woman on my heart was, it was Doña Sophia. Carolin says hi to someone she knows and I figure this might a good person to ask who Doña Sophia is. So I ask and she doesn’t answer, instead she just stares in disbelief at me like I am an idiot. She finally answers and says “Umm, the Queen of Spain.” Now    I´m thinking, shoot! this is embarrassing so I very quickly say that I am not Spanish in attempt to diffuse the bomb a little bit. Then I need to ask this girl who the male counterpart is because I don´t know that either. Again, she looks at me like I am extremely stupid and what I hear her say is “Fran Carlos” although I am not certain, I am too embarrassed to ask again. At this point, I assume it is some ancient King and Queen of Spain, and then I just leave it at that.
Now my host parents are driving me home and I tell them what happened, that is when I find that the man´s name is actually “Juan Carlos” (which is when I made the realization that Doña Sophia is the current queen of Spain, because I knew that Juan Carlos is the current king). It was all embarrassing, but it was also totally my fault for my lack of knowledge.

So Carnaval was this weekend and on Saturday afternoon I went to the “parade,” basically where groups/organizations/schools etc dressed up in these amazing group themed costumes. These are my favorites that I saw.

There was a group of about 50 people who did flags of different countries.

These are two girls in my class and my school did the theme of Toy Story characters.

Messi, of course

From Up

There was like 20 of them, and it was actually kind of a scary sight.

Looks like we have found the new pope.

Probably on of my absolute favorites

Later that night, Raquel and I went to a friend´s birthday dinner. After dinner we went to another friend´s house where all of us who were going as angels met to get ready together. After we got ready, we went out to the fiestas! Obviously, I had a great time and a ton of fun. Although I´m normally not a fan of doing costume related activities, I must say, I´m really proud of how our costumes turned out! They were super cute!

A bit blury, but this is Alba and me.

All of the Angels! Alba, Claudia, Laura, Raquel, Me, Andrea

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