Wednesday, February 27, 2013

San Juan Bosco/Update

On Friday night I went to a dinner/dance fiesta that the other high school in Bembibre puts on yearly. It is called San Juan Bosco, since the feast day is around when they do the dinner. What this saint has to do with this fiesta is beyond me, but oh well, it just is. It is a pretty formal event (suit&tie and nice dresses). So we went to dinner, which was basically just food being served to us in the big room with fancy table, chairs, and place settings. Not even going to lie, I wasn´t expecting the dinner to be that fun because group dinners, for me, are usually pretty boring because it is 10 people speaking at once with lots of interrupting and talking over another person. I normally just call it good if I can follow the stories and conversations that are being had. I don’t really contribute unless someone specifically talks to me. Probably something I should work on. Anyways, it obviously wasn’t my favorite part of the night. So after the dinner, we went to this discoteca, which I hadn’t realized until a bit after we arrived, was being used for the school (but it wasn´t like we had to stay there for the night and other people weren´t allowed to come in). And the people that didn´t come to the dinner still came out to the fiestas and to this particular discoteca. All in all, I had so much fun and it is probably in my top three favorite nights in Spain. I can´t even describe how much fun it was. I came with Raquel and some of our friends (none of which go to my school), but a little bit into the night I found some kids from my class and I was with them for a while. All in all, a blast. We only took photos during the dinner and a lot turned out terribly so that is why I have only added two photos...

Alba and I

Jeni and I. She is one of my classamates and sits right next to me. She has become of my good friends here.

Last week on Wednesday, I went on a field trip to the Bembibre theater and watched a play. I went with my school and it was a really good play! It was actually was semi serious with the content, but there was enough humor to cover it up.

Other than that, nothing big to report from Bembibre, everything is going wonderfully. School good now, it is actually only getting better. Now that the language isn’t really an issue anymore, I am able to communicate more than just the words that I am speaking; I am able to put expression with the words. I am not sure that makes sense, but I am making jokes and adding a bit of sass which was harder to do at the beginning. So everything is pretty good in northwestern Spain.

Hasta Luego

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