Tuesday, February 12, 2013

week of 11 feb

This past week in Spain on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were days of stike and protest. I´m pretty sure they were about education, but one thing I am certain about was I didn´t have to go to school on Thursday. In bigger cities, students won´t go all three days to school so they can participate in said protests, but since I live in a pueblo, we didn´t have a protest set up plus my teachers were giving class those days so I went. As a class, though, we decided to all skip on Thursday, so that was nice.

This weekend was a "puente" which means you have two days off in a row, and because it lines up with a weekend, I had a four day weekend. That is why the blog post is late, because I forgot yesterday was Monday.
The reason for the puente was because this past weekend was a holiday called "Carnaval" I wasn´t sure what this holiday signifies so I asked my host mom. She says is orignially comes from an ancient Pagan holiday/celebration, it is also like a holiday before Lent, and when Franco was the dictator of Spain, it was banned,so now it is a big deal.
How is it celebrated? Everyone dresses up in costumes. I mean like a real costume, though, not some ´put together the night before´ type of costume we do in the States for Halloween. After we get all dressed up, we go out with our friends to the fiestas!
Although Carnaval was this weekend, Bembibre is having its celebration this coming weekend.
My costume is almost done and I´ll upload pictures in my next blog.

On Friday, we had like a "cousin get together." So Sergio, Raquel, 3 of our cousins (Marcos, Alberto, and Patricia), and I met up at the mall in Ponfe, got some food, and we were supposed to go see a movie, but we took too long eating so we missed it. Instead we played some bowling. It was really fun and a good way for me to get to know some of my cousins! I´m sure we´ll plan another one in the near future, or at least I hope because I had fun!

Just so everyone knows, I love getting mail! If maybe if by some chance you have lost my address, I´ll just go ahead and casually include it right here:

Shannon Williams
C/ El Campo, Portal 3 Bajo B
24300 - Bembibre
León - España

...I´m not kidding, please take my hint seriously. I would love to receive any type of mail: a letter, a card, a small package with skittles or jelly beans, anything really. And I´m just going to add, if you do decide to send a small package, the best method to send it is in one of those big paper envelope things with the bubble wrap lining on the inside. I hope you understand what I´m taking about. It is also best that is it under 2 kilos (about 4 pounds), because if it is more, it will take double the time to come (because it will have to be opened and checked in Madrid) and I will have to pay to recieve it.

¡Hasta Luego!

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