Monday, October 15, 2012

Daily Life

I don´t really have too much to update everyone on, so I decided to make this post about my daily life in Spain (on weekdays). The big difference between this routine and my routine in Sacramento is I am 100x less busy here and have too much free time (something I am not used to). I miss all the school activities that American schools provide!! Speaking of which, Homecoming Week started today at St. Francis!!! Gooo Juniors!!! <3Mike&Sully<3 (my class´s mascot).
Friday was a national holiday in Spain, so no school!! Thursday was a day of protest at a lot of schools around the country, and I'm pretty sure there are more this week. I think Bembibre doesn't really care enough, so we didn't have a protest. But I learned today that apparently we have our own form of protest at my school. Every class decides on a day they want to miss this week and they don't come to school. Basically a free day off!! Welcome to Bembibre, where we would rather have a day to catch up on sleep then hold a protest...this pueblo cracks me up. I agree with that logic, although I did want to go to a protest to see what it was like.

Okay, finally, here it is:

-wake up at 7:30 and get ready for school
-leave at 8:15 and class starts at 8:30. Also, I walk to school and I really like that!
-school ends at 2:30
-We eat a big lunch, the most important meal here at about 2:50
-around 3:30 I take my siesta and depending on how much I have to do that day, I wake up at either 5 or 6
-after siesta, I have "merendar" with my parents. This is like having a small snack (most of the time, some kind of baked good) with a small cup of coffee. During this time, I have conversations with my parents about random things. It is a really good and fun way for me to practice and learn Spanish and the culture.
-work on homework, use the computer, study or maybe go on a walk. It´s kinda free time, I guess.
-At 9 or 9:30, we have a dinner, which is pretty small (by Spain´s standards).
-I watch some TV, which is another way I practice Spanish. My favorite part is when I understand what just took place...
-by 11, I start to get ready for bed.

So I know it doesn´t sound too exciting, but it is relaxing.

Also, on Mondays and Wednesdays I go to the pool for an hour or so with Raquel´s best friend, Andrea, to swim some laps while Raquel and Sergio are at their english lesson. By the way, when I say swim I actually mean swim 8 laps then talk for awhile until we feel like doing another 8 much as this being my form of exercise :) I figure the talking helps me with my Spanish, so I don´t mind! haha

¡Hasta Luego!

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