Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I hate coming up with titles...so this will be my title

I kinda had a weird day. That last post about my biggest problem is Spain I drafted during Philosphy. When I got home, I was informed that I would be meeting with Yoli (my tutora or liason) today and not Thursday in Ponferrada while Raquel is at dance. Honestly, my whole perspective about my exchange was changed in the 30 min she was able to meet with me. I told her basically everything I said in the last post and it was amazing how many possible and reasonable solutions she could come up with. She just gave me the straight up truth, I am not here to learn history or philosphy or any other subject. My number one priority is learning Spanish and then, embracing a new culture. Once I learn more Spanish, then I can worry about grades. She also told me that some of my teachers were out of place for expecting the same amount of work from me and the other students. I felt like I needed to produce the same quality of work as the other students, and hearing from an adult who is knowledgable about exchange programs that that is ridiculous definitely reassured me. She told my parents they should go to the principal (who is super personable and nice) and explain to him the reasons why I am actually here and have him explain that to my teachers. So now here I am writing a blog post instead of doing my homework. Thanks Yoli! :)
She also gave me different options for meeting new people. I am going to look into doing more activties in Ponferrada or Bembibre. Also, she has a 16 year old daughter and the next time her and her friends hang out, I can come so I can meet more people and be in the city. Within those 30 minutes, I felt so much more reassured and confident. Side note: I was nervous about being able to clearly communicate my concerns to her since she doesn´t speak English, but I was so shocked but proud of myself with how the Spanish just went rolling off my tongue!!

Things are looking up and to top it off, I had a fantastic weekend!!! It was very fútbol filled, actually. During the week I watched Barcelona v. some team in Portugal. On Saturday, I watched Bembibre´s team play and Sunday was El Clásico (Barcelona v. Real Madrid). Watching a fútbol game in Spain is unlike anything else, it is so intense andn I have already decided it is my favorite past time. In a few weeks, I´m going to go to a game in the Ponferrada stadium with my cousin Marcos!! I am so excited!!

Friday night, Megg came to Bembibre and then spent the night. That night is without a doubt in my top 3 favorite nights here in Spain. We went on "un paseo" (just means walking around town) with Raquel and some friends. When Raquel had to go to dance, we met up with Sergio and some friends and went to a bar to"tomar algo" (which is basically the equilivelent of going to a starbucks or a cafe and getting something to drink while talking and hanging out with friends). After, we had a picnic dinner in a park while listening to music and looking at the clear and beautiful night sky. I have never seen so many stars at once. It was so simple but it was really fun. Life in Bembibre is so simple and enjoyable, I really like it.
On Sunday, we drove to this is old tiny pueblo called Cantexeira to see some ancient spanish type things took lot pictures and tomar algo. Quality family bonding time.

Bembibre´s team

Me and Lorena <3

La Familia


Megg and I <3

Always havin´ fun

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  1. jajajajajajajajajajajajajaja! I officially love the title of this blog post. Literally I hate putting titles on my blogs. Bless you and this title. I laughed so hard when I read that.