Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Hard Times

I haven´t really talked about anything bad about being in Spain, but this experience would not be the experience that it is if there weren´t hard times included. I´m not homesick, I´m not going through a big culture shock, the thing that is really killing me is school. Back in Sacramento, I love going school, seeing my friends everyday, and I actually love learning. Here, none of that is happening and it has been the hardest thing for me yet. I dread going to school. This probably sounds weird, but it is not a learning friendly enviorment. They don´t make learning fun, it is blantently obvious that the students do not want to be there, and all the teachers do is lecture. Not kidding, in my Lengua class (Spanish language class), the teacher dictates and the students copy down the words. We are then expected to study those notes and every three chapters we have a test. I am also expected to do all the work. I probably should not have assumed that the teachers would give me leeway, because they don´t. Because of this, I spend hours on homework a night and I come home completely exhausted from school. To top off my school expierences, I honestly have no friends of my own. I stay with the same 20 people every day and don´t get many chances to meet other kids. I only have the girls in my class that help me with homework and let me copy their notes. The students in my class are so timid to talk to me. They don´t even want to attempt a have a conversation with me. It´s not that my language abilities are bad, it´s that their mindset is if I am not fluent, then I must know nothing. Not the case. My solution right now is to just start talking to all my classmates and asking them random questions about school or anything (even if I know the answer) just to show I can sufficiently communicate. I know I have Sergio´s class I can always talk to and practice my with Spanish, though. Honestly, I need to meet more people and I really want to find friends by myself.

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