Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Post Number 13 (the extent of my creativity)

Just going to jump right into this post. School is so much better now, it´s actually becoming fun! When I am actually listening, I understand about 90% of the what teachers are saying. Although, I still get nervous when the teacher asks me to answer a question or when they say "Estados Unidos" because there is always a question to follow. If school was about a three before, it´s about a seven now. I say seven because one point is automatically subtracted because it´s school... Another because it is kind of difficult (school here is a lot harder than America), and the third point because I am without any real, close, best friends. But overall, way better!

This weekend I went to a birthday celebration for my friend Angie (a girl in my class). It was a lot of fun! We went to dinner then the discotecas!
Volleyball was a great decision! Even though I don´t love the sport in particular, I have made some great friends and it was a great way to meet new people from my school. Also, I didn´t realize it was like a real team with games against other schools and such, I just thought it was something to do afterschool... But this just makes it more fun!

Today was another Huelga, but this time it was about protesting the government about the economy, education, health care, and basically everything the government is supposed to take care of here and not just education. It was a nice day of school to relax and get caught up on some stuff (which is why I decided to write my post today and not on Monday).

Back home, I am really independent, and I am starting to get my feeling of independence here living in Bembibre, I know where everything is in town now and I can go places by myself without my family and be totally fine! Things are great here in Spain and I hope all is well in Sacramento!

¡Hasta Luego!

Angie, Me, Cristina, Paula, Alicia

Paula and Me...I just think this picture is really cute, so I included it.

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