Monday, November 19, 2012

Quick tidbit about happy news!

So I wasn´t actually planning on writing this one until about 30 seconds ago (not kidding). It is 11:15pm in Spain  right now and I was planning on spending just a tiny amount of time blogging since I had pre-written the last post during English class so I was only supposed to type it and post it and be done. Of course, when do things actually go according to plan? So basically I have spent the past hour reading other AFSer´s blogs without actually writing mine...

Thought I would share some wonderful news (the whole point of why I´m quickly writing this)! I had a Lengua test, and the thing with Lengua is that I have to pass, unless I want to take 2 English Lit classes next year (this is counting for Junior year Lit)...which obviously I don´t. So I studied my butt of for this test, and allow me to quickly explain how tests in Spain are: here are some topics/concepts/important people etc and a few questions, now here is 50 minutes, now write as much as you possibly can and the maximun score is 10 (virtually impossible, kids aim for about 7s). Well, I scored a 5.15 (5 is passing)!!! I was so excited, I felt very accomplished, too because my hard work paid off!!
Also, I got a 4.8 on my History test! Considering I barely studied, I´d say that is pretty good!
Another proud moment, on both of the exams, I didn´t even get the lowest scores! Not even second or third lowest! (I'm not quite sure where I stand past that). Go Me!!

So I know when you type in the URL for my blog this will be the most recent, since this is, in fact, the most recent...but scroll down or look on the right hand side for my (Post 14) and read that one too!!! I posted it about 5 minutes ago, so it is recent too!!! It is short so it won´t take very long, I promise!

Hasta Luego!

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