Monday, November 5, 2012

Cosas Al Azar (random things)

I´m just telling you now this this blog post is will not be quality writing. It´s a bunch of different random things put together in one post. There won´t be any connectivity. 

School is a lot better than before. I´m having more conversations with the kids in my class and I guess they aren´t as timid to talk to me. Spanish school is way more difficult than school in America, without a doubt. Within my next few posts I will probably do something about explaining my classes and how I´m doing with them.

I started volleyball on Tuesday, I have it every Tuesday and Thursday from roughly 5-6. It´s basically a group of kids who meet up at my school and we play for an hour. They don´t really have school sports here like in America. It was really fun! I met more people that go to my school, and everyone was so nice and friendly!!! Also, I was suprisingly really good compared to the others (not to sound concieted). The reason I bring that up, though, is because sports are just simply not as important as they are in America. Someone said they didnt know the rules of volleyball and I was shocked because for some reason I thought it was like common knowledge, but they don´t really matter as much here. 

I only had three days of school last week, which means a 4 day weekend!!! Thursday was Días de los Santos, where people bring flowers to cemetaries in honor of their loved ones. My family doesn´t celebrate it though because they think it is ridiculous. They don´t think you should have to dedicate a day for the dead, because people that have passed are remembered everyday. I aree with them, so it was a day to relax. Friday we didn´t have school...well, I´m not exactly sure why. Someone told me it was because since Thursday was a holiday, there is like a consensus to take Friday off also to make a 4 day weekend. This is how Spaniards think, I love it haha! I had a relaxing but really fun weekend. Chilled out during the day, then at night I hung out with friends. 

I´m getting my fill of fútbol (which I love), for example on Saturday I watched games from 4:30pm until probably about 11:30pm (excessive? absolutely not). I went to the Bembibre game (I love going to them!), after the game, I went to a bar with friends where Barcelona was playing (on the TV), then I went to dinner at a friend´s house with Sergio and others where I finished the Madrid game then watched the Valencia game. It was amazing and not once did I think "this is getting old."  I wish fútbol was more popular in America so I could enjoy it more often)

Well elections are tomorrow, and I like to stay informed so I have indeed been watching all the debates and such on Youtube. It´s kinda ironic how Hurricane Sandy and the US elections have been consuming the Spanish news lately. Many Spanairds like to tell me their thoughts on American politics with their two sense (is that even how that phrase is spelt?), I kind of find it amusing. 

Hasta Luego!

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